Mohair Tweed (2703)

Mohair Tweed (2703)
Mohair Tweed (2703)
Mohair Tweed (2703)
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Mohair Tweed (2703)
Load image into Gallery viewer, Mohair Tweed (2703)

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70% pure merino wool
30% kid mohair
100g – 400m
Needles № 2,5-3,5

This luxury yarn creates a truly unique combination of colour, weightless volume, lustrous finish and soft handle. This tweed is versatile and is suitable for 5Gg/13Gg slipstitch machine knitting, weaving and hand knitting.

We purchase only wool on cone and it is soaked with the wax. You can feel softness of the wool only after good washing. When your item is ready, we recommend you to wash it 2-3 times with a lot of soap. The texture of cloth will change significantly, it will become softer and more dense. The shade of the wool will also change after washing, it will become a bit brighter. This tweed is an "energized single" yarn. It does skew when knitted in the stockinette stitch, this is solved by hard blocking.

This yarn comes from non-mulesed sources and is certified according to "Oeko Tex Standard 100".

Always knit a swatch and wash it before you start working on your project! The swatch on the picture was knitted on the needles 2,5mm.

Attention! Color perception can depend on your monitor. We do all the best trying to transmit the shades as realistic as possible.

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