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Some time ago I visited Milan, where I ordered new fabrics fort he autumn collection. Just few days ago the fabrics arrived to Nürtingen, where I live. I am planning to prepare a short review telling you about my plans for the autumn and show the future models. But today I will write not about fabrics, but about Milan.
It was already fourth time when I found myself in this city (three of them wer for work). And I find out, that I love it so much. I want to show you the fotos from all my trips to Milan. So there will be a lot of fotos and only few words.
So in my first trip for the fabrics I was accompanied by Vasilisa - my business partner, model and daughter at the same time.

We spent few days in Milan, and in addition to business activities we had enough time to wander. Especially along the channels, 

where plenty of barges are moored. There you can find very cozy cafes and restaurants.

But our favorite place in Milan is a tiny botanic garden in the very city center. It is not so easy to find an enter in it. When you go there, nothing augurs well for something interesting. But just after you turn to the small street, which looks the same as many others, you get absolutely magic place.

Occasional picture, that‘s why I like it.

Vasilisa loves this place and by every reference to Milan she always wants to visit the botanic garden. 

It’s really nice there.

Our next visit took place one year later and already in the company with my mother who stayed with us in Germany.

We walked a lot again, saw the windows and beautiful Italian women who were passing by.

And of course it was not without our favourite secret place - botanic garden.

Me and Vasia garnered the notebooks and pencils providently and agreed to paint in the garden.

By the way you can penetrate the garden through the Art Academy.

And of course it is special pleasure to go through the ancient building, full of cosy atmosphere, take a look at the auditorium, where the preview of works or a long hours painting sessions take place. 

And for the most patient readers, who made it till the end - our family album, where we try to collect some memories from the trips, stick the tickets etc.

Vasia has her own camera, and she made some pictures in Milan as well. We printed some of her pictures aftewards and also sticked into our album. Here is her foto pf Duomo and her painting on the right side.

Tickets from the underground and Vasilisa’s pictures from the trip. And fotos from the fabric warehouse as well, but it will be a topic for next post.

And here are the drawings from botanic garden, Vasilisa’s fotos again

That’s it, our Milan.

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