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Summer collection entirely

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Now when the shop functions and the collection is available, I want to make a brief review of it. In the future I plan to write about every model in details.

Dress with vest.
Print from Paul Smith begot the image of future dress at once. I assume it is my favourite model from the whole collection.

Silk dresses and the white batiste one.
As I mentioned before, the process of new collection creation starts from handpicking of fabrics. That was exactly a case with this material as well. Very elegant and smart fabric - mix of silk and flax - required a totally simple model.

Cotton dresses.
I came up with the new model just after I saw this tender and superfine cotton. The dress ensued marvelous - looks hooligan, but by touch it is tender and airy. I added two colors afterwards.

Another favorite model of mine. The jacket ensued light but very warm at the same time due to a thin 100% wool laying.

Bright linen trousers for a summer time. What could be better?

In case of unprecedented heat.

And once again all as I like. Such a feminine and elegant detail like a peplum, combined with a cage and with a strip. In my opinion, looks very advantageous.

Basic nice-colored leggins will be never superfluous

And a small announcement. In the near future there will be several new colors for my favourite models. And probably even several additional models, I want to sew cotton tops without sleeves and raincoats. I am also planning to expand the knitted line with T-Shirts, sweat-shots and hats.

Thank you very much for attention!

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