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About Vasilisa and inspiration

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As I wrote before, my first sewing business started just after Vasilisa’s birth. I cannot say that I started to sew baby clothes, because I could not find what I needed in the stores. I think now you can find everything for any taste and budget. Rather, sewing is the only thing that I really like to do, the occupation, where I want to evolve constantly. And after dolls baby clothes seems a logical continuation.

By the moment when Vasya was born we lived in a tiny apartment, and a cot was right next to my sewing table. Since her first days Vasya could sleep with the sound of a sewing machine and not be afraid to overlock.

Over time we got rid of the cot, but Vasya’s playing spot was still close to me. I could sew, while my beloved person made her own business. Perfect picture.

Sometimes I had to work even so. But it is still the exception rather the rule

I think it was that brief period when I could dress up Vasilisa as I liked. It changed quickly, very soon it was clear that this girl will only wear what she considers as beautiful.

As time went on, the apartment is enlarged. But Vasya still prefered to do everything next to her mom.

And it was difficult time. During the day I was able to make the minimum. And the most successful solution to the problem of working regime was to work until 4-5 am, and then sleep together with Vasya in the morning. Fortunately she could sleep until 10-11 am. Approximately in half a year tI had to stop it, as my the doctor has forbidden me such experiments with the regime. And then I started to get up at the same time, at 4 or 5 am. It was given much more difficult, but I found out, that in the morning I am much more efficient.

It must be said that also Vasya never wanted to be the model. Since the childhood she didn’t like to be photographed, and she is not very fond of so far. Also she loves to choose her image by herself.

And usually for each photo we have to bargain and negotiate. Nuts, cookies, cartoons – everything can be used.

But very early Vasya got a  passion to embellish herself. And now she loves all kinds of trinkets. Every day she paints her nails with a pink marker. And her look daily reminds me: “Mom, we are women, and we have to be feminine.” Even in this most primitive sense. I look at my little woman and unwittingly straighten my back and go to comb my hair once again.

I would like to write that Vasilisa is my biggest inspiration. That looking at her, I get ideas of new dresses and collections. But I will not lie, it is not our case. No ideas born, when I see, how she takes something red or pink after she reviews all her wardrobe once again. Or when I see, how she peeves when I propose some outfits. Now she has her own vision of the perfect dress, which is very different from mine, but she defends it every day. And that excites me

The main thing, where Vasilisa inspires me is to show and to prove her (and myself too), that you can do what you like. That even today, and perhaps especially today, manual labor is important, it is possible and interesting. How great it is to bring your ideas into life, how hard it is and how much fun brings the result of your work. It’s great to be able to do something by hand. I want to grow and develop my business, so she could see that even if there are failures, it is necessary to believe in your dream and your purpose. Begin again and again and never give up. And let this dress never will appear in any collection, but I was able to sew the perfect dress according Vasilisa’s standards.

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