White dress

Sometimes separate notes with histories of creation of specific models will appear in the blog. Today - story about white batiste dress...

SS17. Models, patterns, production. Part II

Now I want to go forward with telling you about my so long-awaited collection. Last time I stopped at the point, when we found fabrics store and made an order there...

SS17. History of my first collection. Part I

The collection, which I am starting to sell in the next summer, was designed and created for few years. It was started in St Petersburg 3 years ago. These models were planned to come into sight already in my previous project, I have told about it...

How my work is organized now

I want to tell you in this post, what exactly I am working on at So Sense now. As I have already mentioned in my post about business in Germany, I cannot sell anything now, and I only plan to open my shop in the spring. For sure, I have also no possibility to hire any employees or contractors...

Why don’t I sell anything now

Finally it is time for one of the most important posts in my blog, maybe even I had to start from it. This topic is complicated and a little bit alarming for me. Good intrigue, isn’t it?...

About Vasilisa and inspiration

As I wrote before, my first sewing business started just after Vasilisa’s birth. I cannot say that I started to sew baby clothes, because I could not find what I needed in the stores...
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