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How my work is organized now

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I want to tell you in this post, what exactly I am working on at So Sense now. As I have already mentioned in my post about business in Germany, I cannot sell anything now, and I only plan to open my shop in the spring. For sure, I have also no possibility to hire any employees or contractors. But at the moment, when my shop will be openen, I want to see it filled with a maximum range of items. That’s why I sew everything by myself now.
65 копия

And besides I sew full range oft he sizes for every model. Mostly it includes 6 sizes (86, 92, 98, 104, 110, 116). It could be also possible to make only samples, make their pictures and then sew upon getting the orders. But it is not convinient for me. In the spring I will be immersed into working on new collection, and I would not like to distruct on the previous one. I prefer to spend time now, and let ready dresses wait for their new owners.

In the future I plan to release two collections during the year. And of course I count on founding some small workshop or manifacture, so that not to sew the whole lot by myself. Then, probably, the lot size will be enlarged. Now it is only 1 piece by size.

Thus, I am occupied now with collection for summer 2017. It is almost ready and even photos are partially done. Gradually I will start to tell about it. I want to go through all stages together with you and remember everything. I plan to finish it till the end of the year, and then do everything in my power, working on collection "fall-winter 2017-2018", which is being planned since long time, and still has not get it’s final look.

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